Location Specials are paid upfront

$35 sitting fee/mini session, or  $85 max,  on all location specials

San Juan Mission (+$50/5 people payable to the Mission)

Contact us now to schedule as spots fill up fast!

Images will be available online for viewing as well as in studio

Private Bookings $250 , Parties & Events Welcome!

​(We are licensed/have permits/insurance for the Mission, Los Rios street and OC parks)​

Make time to stop time and Capture the good moments

Please note:  You are welcome to make an appointment to view them at the studio on my large, clear screen! I am happy to help with your order.

LOCATION SPECIALS​​​​___________________________

Saturday January 25th

Los Rios Park1030-11 am


Aliso Creek Beach



Friday January 31st

San Clemente Pier



Accent Portraits
by Diana